5 Thing You Should Never Do When In A Casual Relationship

1)Indecency tape
I wonder how some people reason you’re in a relationship not even married and you want to do a Indecency tape with your partner. What if it goes viral?

2)sending Unclad pics to your partner
This is how some people blackmail there ex partner to succumb to their every wimp, sending your partner your Unclad pics is like sending your death certificate.

3)buying properties In your partners name
This is absurd. Someone who you’re not legally married to you buy a house or car in he/her name, when you breakup with your partner you now want your property back. Make I hear say I give back

4)giving your partner the password to all your social network
If you’re married, I don’t see anything wrong in it but if you’re in a casual relationship it could prove costly to you

5)telling your partner your most intimate secret
Telling your partner you most intimate secret could be dangerous when you and your partner might have quarrel he/she might expose the secret or might use it as a source of blackmail.

#Quote of the day! 7 qualities of a big boy

#Quote of the day! 7 qualities of a big boy

Being a BIG boy is all about Growing up and letting some things go rather than trying to fight tooth and nail Just to win an argument.

What’s the use?

Many call themselves BIG BOYS according to their own standards but things have changed.

What then are the Top Qualities Of A Big Boy?

1. He doesn’t show off before ladies.

Some guys are simply funny. They sight a pretty lady and they start acting like “junkies”, No naaa!
The girl is in your taxi that’s why you brought out your Samsung Galaxy Tab and start playing compulsory Candy Crush and Temple Run Oz that you haven’t played for a long time.
There is God ooo!

2. He doesn’t “pursue” Ladies on the streets.

To some guys, Jungle never mature oo!
After NYSC, they’re still disturbing the girl’s life with “oh baby, wait na, I have something to tell you” lol…You wan preach the Word of God?
I’m not saying you can’t stop a girl NICELY to share your affection.
Make sure you’re just not pursuing her. Be mild in your “desperation”/ pursuit.

3. He doesn’t do things to attract unnecessary attention.

I believe, only kid-boys do this. They shout and yell but when you get closer, NOTHING!
SOME open “CONTROVERSIAL” threads, so to speak, just to attract “CHEAP” attention. NO! That’s not the way!
A big boy is himself but his best self.
He strives hard to be better.
In NL, for example, if you don’t always make FP, find out the skills and don’t try to think that being “Controversial” will get you FP. That’s a MIRAGE!
(If you don’t make FP, keep trying, don’t give up, lol)

4. He has his own money

It may not be in millions yet but at least he has a stable influx of income. This ish led tallesty 1 to open a thread regarding why BROKE GUYS SHOULD NOT DATE!
I buy his reasons.
No Big boy lives on friends or others!
He may ask but he doesn’t depend on you.
Some guys still beg their girl to send them airtime. #I Laff in Japanese #

5. He is Financially responsible for the upkeep of his girl.

If you’re “privileged” to have a girl who loves you, buying her things will just be natural.
Small boys are the reasons we’ll be seeing threads like “DO I GIVE MY GIRLFRIEND TRANSPORT FARE EACH TIME SHE COMES?”
You may bash me but I don’t care! If she is not just a sexxx doll to you but a potential wife, transport fare isn’t a topic!

6. He doesn’t ALWAYS involve in argument with his girl.

Your lady might wrong you and still expect an apology. silly right?
A big boy tells her the sorry and she feels silly after that!
She’ll find a way to apologize…

Some will be involving in e-war with girls on NL. If I find myself arguing with her, I quickly apologized. Make peace reign. After that, I noticed all of them saying same things like: ” I’m more sorry, take a hug” etc.
Big Boys Apologize.
Small Boys Don’t Apologize.

7. He tries hard to fulfil his promise.

If you made a promise to her to take her to the PROMISE eatery on Saturday. Try to keep to that. Even if it becomes impossible, sincerely assure her that you’ll make it up to her and really do make it up.
It says a lot about your personality.

Probably, your thinking was wrong about who a Big Boy is.
It’s not about “Low waist” and Having Seven Girlfriends oo…
It’s about being responsible to One girl.
As they say, the greatest sign of maturity is Responsibility.

Don’t be like the average Nigerian guy whose dream is in his pee pee…No!

Aim higher.
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Must Read For All Guys:- How To Get Your Ex-girlfriend Back From Another Man

Are you a guy and you’re still in love with your ex and
you simply can’t move on?
If you were already working toward getting back together
with an ex girlfriend, learning that she’s dating again can
be devastating. While most guys do give up at this point,
your chances of getting back with her are far from over. If
you’re willing to be patient, think positive, and put in
some quality effort? You can actually
Use your ex girlfriend’s new romance to launch yourself
back into her life, getting her to break up with or forget her
new boyfriend and start dating you again. Personally, I
think its cheesy to chase after an ex especially if she’s
dating again but Who am I to decide what’s best for you.
Here are some helpful steps to take if you are trying to get
her back:

Step 1 – Let go of your ex-girlfriend
Before you begin taking steps closer to your ex’s heart
again, you first have to let her go. While this might hurt,
it’s just temporary. If it helps, keep reminding yourself that
you are working toward getting her back, and letting go of
her is an important part of that plan. Getting your ex
girlfriend back from another man isn’t something that
happens overnight. By not fighting the break up, you’re
refusing to battle with her decision to end things with you.
By not running off to stop her from dating this new guy,
you’re showing a level of pride and maturity. Anything
you could say at this point wouldn’t work anyway, so
don’t say anything. You don’t want to come off as needy,
jealous, or anything like that – this will hurt your chances
of getting your ex back.
Step 2 – Drop back for a while
Leave your girlfriend utterly and completely alone during
the honeymoon stages of her relationship. Don’t call her,
text her, email her, or try to run into her either. Don’t
acknowledge her new boyfriend, and don’t respond to any
calls or messages from her. This step of the process requires
putting yourself back in her head, and you can’t do that if
you’re in constant contact with her. By disappearing off
her social map, your ex will wonder where you are, what
you’re doing, and whether or not you’re thinking about
her. Not seeing you will actually make your ex miss you –
and this is an important part of winning back her heart.
Step 3 – Focus on yourself
Now that you have some extra free time, use it in the most
positive manner possible. By working on yourself, you can
make yourself look, feel, and even act better… do it right,
and your ex will be astonished by the new you the next
time she sees you. Go to the gym, take up running… when
you start doing all new things you end up meeting new
people. The exercise will help you sweat off any residual
feelings of hopeless and despair over losing your
girlfriend, and all that stuff will be replaced with positive
energy. When you’re fit and toned, run out and get some
new clothes. A huge part of attracting your girlfriend is
physically making yourself desirable to her, but also
mentally having the confidence that all girls love.
Step 4 – Wait out her break up
Most rebound relationships last little more than a month.
This is great news for you, because if your ex jumped right
into this new romance there’s a good chance she’s in a
rebound relationship. And want some more good news?
The fact that your ex started dating another guy again so
quickly after dumping you results in her burying her
feelings for you instead of dealing with and getting over
them. This means that somewhere beneath the surface of
her heart, there’s a lot of love still left for you. Finding that
love and gently tugging on it can bring it back out into
the open, causing your exgirlfriend to think about you,
miss you, and want to be with you again.
As much as it hurts to watch your ex with another guy, try
to concentrate on the big picture. In the long run, you’ll be
the one standing next to her. There’s not much you can do
right now, so don’t blow things by trying to talk her out of
dating her new boyfriend, bad mouthing him, or any of
that jealous boyfriend stuff. Stick it out, and wait for the
rebound relationship to invariably fail.
Step 5 – Pick Her Up When She Falls
When a rebound relationship breaks up, more often than
not it’s the girl who gets hurt. When your ex girlfriend has
a new boyfriend, she’s probably treating the romance as a
solid, concrete thing. When it shatters? You’ll need to be
there to help pick up the pieces of her broken relationship.
She’ll be looking for someone familiar and safe – and
that’s you. Your ex will find comfort in meeting, talking
to, and being in your arms again after a bad rebound, so be
prepared to play that role.
Another huge advantage: your ex-girlfriend still has
feelings of love for you. She had little or no time to resolve
your break up, because she jumped right into another
relationship. This is where you’ll draw out those emotions
and use them to win her back.
What if her new relationship doesn’t break up? How can
I get her back?
Occasionally, a rebound relationship will stick for some
time. If this is the case, you’ll need to learn an alternative
strategy to getting your ex back from another man. There
are some very unique ways you can insert yourself
between your ex and her new boyfriend, and then slowly
win her back from this new guy. They take patience and
effort, but they’re also guaranteed to work. These methods
require you to do things in a very subtle way, so that your
ex-girlfriend doesn’t entirely realize what you’re doing…
but in the end, they’ll put her back in your arms.

[Must Read] 9 Lies You Were Probably Taught In School

The educational system should be a citadel of education
and enlightenment, an abode of learning where anyone
can safely discover the truth about everyday facts. This
system given us the opportunity to become mature and
responsible adults, securing our knowledge in science,
mathematics and history.
Except, of course, for all the ridiculously irresponsible
lies we’re being fed. Here are nine of the biggest lies
taught to us in school.
1. There are three states of matter
You might remember being taught that there are three
states of matter namely; solid, liquid and gas. Well that is
not entirely true. Your teacher might have lied to you
because you were probably too young to comprehend the
other states of matter. Although it wouldn’t hurt your
science teacher to say something like “there are three
popular states of matter” or “we are going to learn three
state of matter at this stage”, your science teacher had to
ram a lie to your throat not minding how difficult it would
be for you to unlearn such a prevarication.
Four states of matter are observable in everyday life: solid,
liquid, gas, and plasma. Many other states are known such
as Bose–Einstein condensates and neutron-degenerate
matter but these only occur in extreme situations such as
ultra cold or ultra dense matter. Other states, such as
quark–gluon plasmas, are believed to be possible but
remain theoretical for now. For a complete list of all exotic
states of matter click here.
2. Bats are blind
Despite the old adage “blind as a bat” it would surprise
you to know that absolutely every bat has eyes and can see
better at night than humans.
Yes! You can close your mouth now. True they use
echolocation, but it is simply to augment their vision, not
to replace it.
Interestingly, bats will even rely on their eyes over their
echolocation results. In some studies, they have flown
directly into a window through which light is shining,
ignoring the echolocation telling it that the path was not
all clear.
3. You have five senses
Humans do not have just five senses, there are at least nine
senses and most researchers think there are more like
twenty one or so.
Humans have more than the commonly cited five senses.
The number of senses in various categorizations ranges
from 5 to more than 20. In addition to sight, smell, taste,
touch, and hearing, which were the senses identified by
Aristotle, humans can sense balance and acceleration
(equilibrioception), pain (nociception), body and limb
position (proprioception or kinesthetic sense), and relative
temperature (thermoception).Other senses sometimes
identified are the sense of time, itching, pressure, hunger,
thirst, fullness of the stomach, need to urinate, need to
defecate, and blood carbon dioxide levels.
Each time a teacher says there are five senses, the teacher is
referring to Aristotle’s classification of the senses, which if
you ask us is a very old text to teach a student in the 21st
4. People thought the earth was flat
If you learned in school that Christopher Columbus sailed
from Spain in 1492 and crossed the Atlantic Ocean,
disproving a common belief in those days that the Earth
was flat, then the lesson was wrong.
Several books published in Europe between 1200 and
1500 discussed the Earth’s shape, including “The Sphere,”
written in the early 1200s, which was required reading in
European universities in the 1300s and beyond. It was still
in use 500 years after it was penned.
It is not true that people thought the earth was flat and that
was the reason why they refused to travel thinking that
they would get to the end of the earth and fall off. And this
was the reason why Christopher Columbus was not
allowed to sail round the world in 1942
It’s well documented that we’ve known the world is round
since the days of the mathematical geniuses of ancient
Greece. People like Pythagoras (6th century B.C), Euclid,
and Aristotle (4th century B.C) all wrote works indicating
that clearly, the Earth was round.
5. Humans evolved from apes
It is true that humans do belong to the same taxonomic
family as the great apes, like gorillas. It is also true that the
closest known living relative to Homo sapiens is the
chimpanzee. However, this does not mean humans
“evolved from monkeys”. We share a common, humans
and the great apes—chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans
—started with a common ancestor, and then evolved in
separate directions over the years.
So next time someone claims you evolved from a monkey,
correct his mistake. Better yet, if this person is a political
or cultural leader, inquire why he is spreading
misinformation. The truth may be surprising.
6. Diamonds are formed from coal
You might have been made to believe that diamonds come
from pressurized coal. This misconception stems from the
fact that diamonds and coals
are made of carbon.
If you believe that diamonds are made from highly
compressed coal, don’t worry—so does everyone else. But
it’s completely false: diamonds are found in vertical shafts
filled with rocks formed by volcanoes, while coal is
mainly found among other types of rocks—like limestone
and shale.
Coal is almost never found in the same type of
environment as diamonds. Coal is formed near the surface
from plant matter, while diamonds are formed in the
Earth’s mantle—over ninety miles (145 km) closer to the
core—and then carried up to the crust during volcanic
It’s true that diamonds are formed from carbon by intense
heat—2,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1,100 degrees Celcius)—
and high pressure, but it’s unlikely that the carbon comes
from coal. So while the idea of a lump of coal becoming a
beautiful diamond makes a pretty picture, it’s still one big
spoonful of lies.
On the other hand, modern science can pretty much turn
anything into a diamond in the lab: even the corpse of
your recently deceased loved one. Aww.
7. There are different taste areas for taste on your tongue
All different tastes can be detected on all parts of the
tongue by taste buds, with slightly increased sensitivities
in different locations depending on the person, contrary to
the popular belief that specific tastes only correspond to
specific mapped sites on the tongue. The original tongue
map was based on a mistranslation of a 1901 German
thesis by Edwin Boring.
In addition, the current common categorical conception is
there are not 4 but 5 primary tastes. In addition to bitter,
sour, salty, and sweet, humans have taste receptors for
umami, which is a savory or meaty taste.
8. Mother birds will abandon their chicks if they are
touched by human
Popular belief claims that if mothers smell the scent of
human on their chicks, they will leave them to die. But it
turns out that the touch of a human isn’t enough to drive a
mother away from her maternal duties.
“Birds don’t have a very strong sense of smell, so you
won’t leave a scent that will alarm the parent,” Cornell
biologist Miyoko Chu tells Livescience.com.
In reality, mother birds can be just as devoted as human
“Usually, birds are quite devoted to their young and not
easily deterred from taking care of them,” Chu said.
But experts still advise not to poke through bird nests.
“The fact is, birds don’t abandon their young in response
to touch, [but] they will abandon [their offspring and their
nest] in response to disturbance,” University of Montana
biologist Thomas Martin tells Scientific American.
9. Lightning never strikes the same place twice
This myth is actually an old idiom meant to explain that
unfortunate occurrences will not happen twice in the same
way to the same person. While the old saying is
comforting, lightning can actually strike anywhere twice –
the main question is the probability of this occurring. For a
random object in your backyard, this might be fairly low.
But the 1,454-foot-tall Empire State Building is actually
struck about 25 times per year. Humans are no exception:
US park ranger Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning
seven times between 1942 and 1977, and lived to tell the
tale (or rather all seven of them).
Lightning is more likely to strike taller objects because
they carry the upward channel better than shorter ones. But
the probability of a lightning strike also depends on other
factors, such as the presence of salt water, metal, or
moisture in or near the ground.
What other lie do you remember being told in school?
Drop them in the comment section below

Is it Ebola or is it flu?

Ebola is a highly deadly disease that kills up to 90%
of those it infects, often within just days of
symptoms beginning to show.
However, the initial symptoms of Ebola aren’t all
that uncommon. In fact, the disease’s early stages
mimic those of many other common diseases,
including simple influenza. Fortunately, sufferers
are only contagious in the later stages of the
This creates a problem as people begin to panic.
Due to its ability to kill people in a quick, rather
gruesome manner, Ebola is a disease that generates
a lot of fear. As a result, outbreaks of the disease
tend to bring about a large number of people
fearing that they’ve been infected woth the disease,
despite the fact that they’ve actually just got flu.
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isolated for Ebola tests
This isn’t just disconcerting for the person feeling
unwell, it can also spread fear amongst their
communities and put undue pressure on health
services when they’re already under strain from the
Flu is very easy to pick up from people around you
and is present across the globe and throughout the
year, though it is more prevalent in winter.
As symptoms begin to present themselves, they
should be considered like any other illness. A fever
is rarely anything to worry about, but if it’s serious
you should go to the hospital. Ebola is likely to hit
you harder than a simple flu, so if you’re struggling,
get it checked out.
The more serious symptoms of Ebola, including the
well-known haemorrhagic effects, only begin to
show after several days, after which it is usually too
late. Sufferers may begin to bleed from their
orifices, though the internal bleeding is much more
dangerous. About half of deaths occur from organ
failure before they even reach this stage.