When A #Girl Has #Feelings For #You And You #Don’t

Hello guys, I’m passing through this right now and don’t know what to do. I have a girl that is forcing herself on me but I have no feelings for her.
Right from d time that we saw each other, i never developed any feelings for her. It’s not that she is ugly and flat, she is OK, but yet I don’t like her more than friendship stuff

She is my hall at school, staying with her Friend, she came to my hall last year ending and since then she has been turning green lights, u should know what I mean.

I find it hard to cope with her maybe because I’m seeing her everyday and it’s like we’re living couple’s life which I hate. I thought of breaking up with her but my friends are like it’s wrong to break up with a girl in this kind of situation. Dz girl loves me so much but I don’t. D day I told her I wasn’t interested, all my hall mate knew something was wrong, she cried so much that I have to go and tell her I was just testing her faith whereas I was so fed up of d relationship.

I will soon be transfered from dz town to another.. It’s how d system is…I will go to another campus to continue my course. Someone is like when d distance is there, that I should not call her often maybe once in a week dat it’s better dan breaking up with her to avoid hatred. Why another friend said it’s when I go I will start developing feelings for her but I think that’s not possible but he said that’s what will happen.
I think of changing my number and every details of me that she knows

I’ve not have sex with her buh she is ready to give herself if I ask her but I made sure I didn’t have sex with her cos I have no feelings for her.

She thinks I love her but I’m just playing along not to cause any damage

D question I want to ask u guys is what can I do?
How can I break up with her without causing hatred??

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