#Real #Reasons #Ladies Prefer To #Live #Off-Campus

Ladies prefer off-campus for different reasons.
Some for very good reasons, others for selfish reasons while the rest for poor reasons.

I’ve met some whom before they left for off-campus were good girls until they relocated to off-campus.

They began to dress provocatively. They walk with me and then look around if any other guy is after them- Of course they’re just friends. I felt I was ” spoiling market” for them, had to leave them.

Below Are Some Reasons:

1. So Much Money

She loves the hostel but because of the so much money she just goes ahead to get an apartment off-camp. Funny, she hardly stay or sleeps there Isn’t that a waste?

2. Boyfriend influence- Co- Habitation

Most girls came into Year living in the hostel. From year 2, a guy found them and since then, they’ve become practicing couples. Husband and Wife things

3. Zero Tolerance For Others

For some girls, their only reason is that they can tolerate others. They’re this Aje- Butters. Any little thing annoys them so they feel they had better stay alone off-camp.

4. To Concentrate On Studies

This other sects are few joor! They are in school to study alone. The hostel life is too noisy for them so they opt for Off- Campus.

5. To Explore On Their Sexuality.

They are now from mummy’s web of control. They came in as Virgins or Sub- virgins but now they want to explore. Their main inner reason is to have that privacy with a guy. That’s all. Forget what they claim.

6. To Feel Among

These other sect don’t know where they fall. Their friends are moving to off- campus. They also move to prove that they also have the cash

7. Hygiene Concerns

This is so true and real. Many of our hostels distribute toilet diseases for free. Especially for girls, those diseases are quite dangerous.

So ladies, where do you fall?

Guys, what do you think?


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