Bus Owner Caught Lovers Doing it Inside His Mini-Bus In Lagos

Some people are shameless, so they can’t wait till they get home..An angry man has flogged two lovers who were making love in his mini-bus in Ajegunle area of Lagos State, on New Year’s Day.

LEADERSHIP investigation revealed that the duo, Ben and Ajoke, were caught in the act at about 1:30am in a Volkswagen Fanagon bus at Iyalode street by the owner of the vehicle who identified himself as Bashiru.

Ben and Ajoke were said to have left the scene of a carnival on the same street and decided to have
sex; unfortunately, it earned them the disgrace.

Bashiru disclosed that somebody told him that two lovers had se*x in his vehicle during Christman eve celebration. The commercial driver said he had to set trap as he took the pains to wait patiently from a dark arena.

According to him:
“The two lovers were standing close to the vehicle as they talked and fondled each other. I later saw the man pushing the door of the vehicle aside. I knew they were the same people. I also suspected that they wanted to have carnal knowledge in the vehicle again.

So immediately they entered inside the bus, I quickly drew the attention of three strong men in my residence. We waited for some time before we struck. We beamed the torchlight and behold the two people were naked having se*x. I decided not to take them to the police station but teach them the lesson of their lives.

I ordered them to lie down in their naked state and flogged them. The man received 12 strokes while the female, six. They were the same people that did same on Christmas Day celebration,” he said.

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