5 Thing You Should Never Do When In A Casual Relationship

1)Indecency tape
I wonder how some people reason you’re in a relationship not even married and you want to do a Indecency tape with your partner. What if it goes viral?

2)sending Unclad pics to your partner
This is how some people blackmail there ex partner to succumb to their every wimp, sending your partner your Unclad pics is like sending your death certificate.

3)buying properties In your partners name
This is absurd. Someone who you’re not legally married to you buy a house or car in he/her name, when you breakup with your partner you now want your property back. Make I hear say I give back

4)giving your partner the password to all your social network
If you’re married, I don’t see anything wrong in it but if you’re in a casual relationship it could prove costly to you

5)telling your partner your most intimate secret
Telling your partner you most intimate secret could be dangerous when you and your partner might have quarrel he/she might expose the secret or might use it as a source of blackmail.

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