#Quote of the day! 7 qualities of a big boy

#Quote of the day! 7 qualities of a big boy

Being a BIG boy is all about Growing up and letting some things go rather than trying to fight tooth and nail Just to win an argument.

What’s the use?

Many call themselves BIG BOYS according to their own standards but things have changed.

What then are the Top Qualities Of A Big Boy?

1. He doesn’t show off before ladies.

Some guys are simply funny. They sight a pretty lady and they start acting like “junkies”, No naaa!
The girl is in your taxi that’s why you brought out your Samsung Galaxy Tab and start playing compulsory Candy Crush and Temple Run Oz that you haven’t played for a long time.
There is God ooo!

2. He doesn’t “pursue” Ladies on the streets.

To some guys, Jungle never mature oo!
After NYSC, they’re still disturbing the girl’s life with “oh baby, wait na, I have something to tell you” lol…You wan preach the Word of God?
I’m not saying you can’t stop a girl NICELY to share your affection.
Make sure you’re just not pursuing her. Be mild in your “desperation”/ pursuit.

3. He doesn’t do things to attract unnecessary attention.

I believe, only kid-boys do this. They shout and yell but when you get closer, NOTHING!
SOME open “CONTROVERSIAL” threads, so to speak, just to attract “CHEAP” attention. NO! That’s not the way!
A big boy is himself but his best self.
He strives hard to be better.
In NL, for example, if you don’t always make FP, find out the skills and don’t try to think that being “Controversial” will get you FP. That’s a MIRAGE!
(If you don’t make FP, keep trying, don’t give up, lol)

4. He has his own money

It may not be in millions yet but at least he has a stable influx of income. This ish led tallesty 1 to open a thread regarding why BROKE GUYS SHOULD NOT DATE!
I buy his reasons.
No Big boy lives on friends or others!
He may ask but he doesn’t depend on you.
Some guys still beg their girl to send them airtime. #I Laff in Japanese #

5. He is Financially responsible for the upkeep of his girl.

If you’re “privileged” to have a girl who loves you, buying her things will just be natural.
Small boys are the reasons we’ll be seeing threads like “DO I GIVE MY GIRLFRIEND TRANSPORT FARE EACH TIME SHE COMES?”
You may bash me but I don’t care! If she is not just a sexxx doll to you but a potential wife, transport fare isn’t a topic!

6. He doesn’t ALWAYS involve in argument with his girl.

Your lady might wrong you and still expect an apology. silly right?
A big boy tells her the sorry and she feels silly after that!
She’ll find a way to apologize…

Some will be involving in e-war with girls on NL. If I find myself arguing with her, I quickly apologized. Make peace reign. After that, I noticed all of them saying same things like: ” I’m more sorry, take a hug” etc.
Big Boys Apologize.
Small Boys Don’t Apologize.

7. He tries hard to fulfil his promise.

If you made a promise to her to take her to the PROMISE eatery on Saturday. Try to keep to that. Even if it becomes impossible, sincerely assure her that you’ll make it up to her and really do make it up.
It says a lot about your personality.

Probably, your thinking was wrong about who a Big Boy is.
It’s not about “Low waist” and Having Seven Girlfriends oo…
It’s about being responsible to One girl.
As they say, the greatest sign of maturity is Responsibility.

Don’t be like the average Nigerian guy whose dream is in his pee pee…No!

Aim higher.
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