Jungle weekly: Your weekly summary of TV show #GUSTheMission

It’s been oneweeksince 14 people were taken from their normal lives to survive 30days in a forest, one by one falling to the way side as the tasks get more difficult until only one remains.
There are 14 contestants in thejunglethis time, and thisweeksaw them paired up on day 1. The random draw which resulted in very interesting match ups, saw some pairs comprising of only girls and others mixed.

Team Indigo:Canon and Ikenna E
Team Blue: Evi and Noela
Team Yellow: Joshua and Emmanuel
Team Orange: Chindeu and Sandra
Team Purple: Cosy and Ikenna I
Team Red: Samantha and Sharon
Team Green: Loretta and Blessing
Where some pairs instantly bonded, others did not, and Sandra and Chinedu could entertainingly be seen at each other’s throats- Sandra, under the impression that Chinedu was too busy criticizing to be helpful, Chinedu, convinced that she would be his downfall…hmmm we wonder…
Winners of each task were awarded with points and while Samantha and her partner Blessing came consistently last during the first3 games, it was quite an interesting surprise that the top of the leaderboard was held by an all-female team, Evi and Noela. Still it wasn’t long before the indigo team found their way to draw level with the blue team.
Typically, limited resources and close quarters are both ingredients that spark high drama, coupled with the gathering of so many different personalities, it was only a matter of time before toes were stepped on and accusations were made. So it was that barely three days into their stay Noela, Sandra, Ikenna I, Emmanuel and Joshua went at each other over ‘missing mats and stolen meat’. A heated argument which resulted in a declaration by Ikenna I that he ‘hated arguingwith women’ which only served to the fuel the anger of the women in the camp, including those‘minding their business’.

You can catch exciting episodes of Gulder Ultimate Search 11 every day at10pmon African Magic World, Real-Stars, Minaj Obosi, Ebony Life, Galaxy TV (Lagos, Ibadan and Ondo), Hip TV, Nigezie and WapTV, as well the AIT Network at10.30pm.

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