Torres no too sure for hinsef

Fernando Torres no wan make mout, about wetin hin go do for hin new club, AC Milan, so dat dia supportas no go come vex, but hin yarn on Tuesday, say, hin go try show hin sef. Torres don reach 30 years now, and na 38 goal he don score for de 116 match wey hin don tap for Spain national team. AC Milan don give am las chance to sell hin market again, afta de worwor ball wey hin tap for Chelsea. Chelsea pay 50 million pound to colet de bobo from Liverpool for January 2011, but na onli 45 goal de chairman fit score, out of de 172 match wey hin play. “E no go change anytin, to make mout for supportas dem. I jus dey pray say dem go see de kin playa wey I bin be for Liverpool,” na im Torres yarn amebo pipu, since hin waka comot Chelsea, join AC Milan, for de nes two season. “I go always play my best sha.” Na Torres bin score de goal wey helep Spain carri Euro 2008, afta dem waya Germany 1-kondo for final. Dat winning start Spain waka, as numba one futbal contri for World futbal, for de nes four years, but Torres tok say hin own market jus dey one kin. “I don win tins wit Chelsea (Champions League for 2012 and Europa League for 2013) but na wen I dey Liverpool and Atletico Madrid I score goal pass.” “For Milan now, I dey start again.” Spain coachi, Vicente del Bosque no hail Torres join hin new team, afta de kin way dem troway dem comot Group stage, but Torres tok say AC Milan new coachi, Filippo Inzaghi go see hin skill. “De way de coachi dey now, na so hin bin dey wen hin dey tap ball. He jus wan win,” na im Torres tok. “I sure say hin go sabi how to use me so dat my game go show again.” Torres fit play hin fes match for AC Milan did mont, afta dis international break finish. Torres bin dey stadium on Sunday, wen AC Milan start dia new Serie A season unda dia new coachi, Inzaghi. Na 3-1 dem waya Lazio.

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