[Must Read] My Experience With SARS Operatives In Ibadan. [Another SOKA In The Making]

Most of the times we take TOKUNBO CARS to Abuja
from Lagos for sale. Three days ago, we sent some of our
guys to deliver two cars to buyers in Abuja.
I was going to call these guys to find out where they were
but their phones were not reachable for the whole day! I
was worried and began to make contacts.
Thank God they have been able to reach an uncle before
they collected all their phones and the uncle had also
reached a lawyer.
These guys were arrested for no offense, they had all the
papers intact! Unknown to the police men, the cars were
more than two.
The third guy who had driven past the police men had
called some people and later turned back.
He was also arrested and they collected his phone
immediately, not knowing he had contacted people.
They were all taken to SARS police station somewhere in
We were able to trace them to the station, on getting there,
we saw hell! They were furious and began to ask questions
on how we got there.
The shouted, ”who called you, who called you”? To cut
the long story short, we were able to take out our guys after
parting with 80, 000 NGN.
The guys narrated their experience in the cell, many cell
occupants who have been there for days without anyone
looking for them are being killed and sold.
They said the boss usually come with people at night,
point to two or three occupants an they would be driven
away without being returned.
Our government needs to investigate this and take
necessary action to avoid another ‘civilized’ SOKA

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