World’s Tallest Man Leonid Stadnyk From Ukrain, Dies Aged 44

Leonid Stadnyk, believed to be the world’s tallest man at
8ft 4 inches has died. He was just 44. The peasant farmer
from the Ukrainian village of Podoliantsy, died on Sunday
August 24th from a brain haemorrhage after health
In his last interview, Leonid, He talked about how his
height was a curse, why he refused to be measured by the
Guinness Book of World Records and also why he refused
to get married
“To me, my height is a curse, a punishment from God,
not something to celebrate. What sin I have committed, I
do not know. All my life I have dreamed of being just
like everyone else. I don’t want or need the fame that
this would bring so I have no desire to be in this
Guinness book.
“I never got married because I don’t want to inflict my
problems on a wife. I think it would not be fair on her”
he said.
At one point, his condition, called giganticism, left him
growing at the rate of roughly a foot every 3 years. His feet
measured 18 inches in length while his palms were more
than a foot in diameter

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