JK – Paduze (Closer) ft. Yemi Alade

Zambia-Naija Collaboration Alert!!!
Yet another hit from team Taurus! We are glad to
present to you the track Paduze featuring the
amazing Zambian singing sensation JK and super
talented Yemi Alade from Nigeria.
JK is a very popular Zambian vocalist, composer
and producer while Yemi Alade is a Nigerian
songstress that stands tall as Africa’s next big
thing with her massive hit ‘Johnny’ which is
Africa’s current club banger.
Yemi has incorporated her edgy and unique style
in music into it and Jk’s catchy afro pop flow is
hard to resist. The result is this beautiful track
dabbed Paduze. Paduze means closer and just as
the name suggests the song is all about flirting
and having lots of fun while at it. The track has an
African theme to it making it an ultimate dance
tune set to rock the whole African continent. It
will get anyone on their feet right from the start
till the end. Both JK and Yemi have great singles
dominating music charts across Africa. The likes
of ‘Tangerine’ by Yemi and ‘Telemundo Loving’ by
JK are examples of the fabulous things these two
stars are doing.
We guarantee that this one will leave you
yearning for more of what Taurus Musik has got
coming your way. Enjoy and share.


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