Anxiety as Boko Haram relocates from Sambisa Forest

BOKO Haram is on the move from its Sambisa
fortress in Borno State.
It is heading towards Southern Borno with several
towns and villages already seized by its insurgents.
Its members, and possibly captives,are dispersed in
such places .
Gwoza is the most prominent of the towns thus
A top security source described the situation last
night as scary.
The source said the ‘security situation’ in Gwoza and
some other parts of the state was worsening.
Investigation by our correspondent revealed that the
insurgents, who were encouraged by their recent
capture of Gwoza and surrounding villages, have
been advancing fast to the southern part of the
Towns like Askira/ Uba, Bayo, Biu, Chibok, Damboa,
Shani, Kusar, Kwayu and Hawul are their immediate
“The insurgents have been rapidly taking over towns
and villages in Southern Borno which were hitherto
safe from terror attacks.”Unless urgent action is
taken by the federal government, they might be in
total control of the southern part,” the source said.
“The situation is getting worse because the military,
the police and other security agencies have no access
to towns and villages overrun by the insurgents.
“Only a comprehensive military campaign can save
the entire Borno State from falling into the hands of
the insurgents.”
But a military source said: “There is no way the
insurgents can take over Borno.We will reclaim
anywhere they may be temporarily rampaging.
“We will not unfold our plans but we will surely
liberate these areas.”
Sambisa Forest has been the focus of intense covert
surveillance by the military, and the foreign experts
sent by the United States of America (USA) and
other western nations to assist in locating the over
200 school girls abducted in the April 14 attack by
Boko Haram elements on the Government Girls
Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State.
It is believed that the girls were taken to the forest
which has also served as the training camp of the
Over four months after their abduction, the girls are
yet to be located.
The relocation of the insurgents from forest has
raised anxiety about the fate of the girls.
The federal government has repeatedly said that
patience is crucial in rescuing the girls as using force
will endanger their lives.
The Mail of London reported on Wednesday that the
Royal Air Force was sending three fighter jets to
help in locating the girls.
The RAF Tornado GR4s equipped with surveillance
facilities, according to the newspaper, will undertake
“reconnaissance missions” over the Sambisa Forest
where the girls are believed to be held.
Besides, the jets are expected to help the Nigerian
authorities in tracking the movements of the
The mission is, however, dependent on one of
Nigeria’s neighbours allowing Britain the use of its

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