Christians must register for 2015 elections – Oyedepo

The founder of the Living Faith Church, aka Winners
Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has called on church
leaders to mobilise their members across the
country for the 2015 elections.
Oyedepo said such mobilisation would enhance the
process of electing credible people into political
The cleric, who clocks 60 on September 27, 2014,
spoke when a delegation of the Lagos Chapter of the
Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria led by its chairman,
Bishop Sola Ore, paid him a courtesy visit during the
week in his Ota, Ogun State office.
He urged the church leaders to persuade their
members to register their names for voting,
describing the process as an important starting point
for Nigerians to have credible leaders.
Oyedepo said, “The PFN is a very large constituency
and the mobilisation of this large number of
worshippers calls for wisdom. There is need for
wisdom to harness the large population of the
church. The starting point is to ensure that our
members register to vote.
“The church is a strong body in Lagos and across the
country. Lagos, for instance, has many mega
churches. We need to harness our human resources
to create a platform for the church to have a voice.
“There are groups that are building imaginary names,
but we have the population and we can build real
names. The Lagos city must have a feel of our
impact. We are not going to vote for nonsense this
time around. There is no political party in this world
that will see the population of the church and ignore
Oyedepo also urged Christians to support credible
people in the next political dispensation.
He said, “We believe that Christian culture promotes
values that make for good government. I always
advocate that a leader must have character,
capability and courage to be able to make impact.
Christians should look for such traits before voting
anybody into power.”
While acknowledging that there are powers that
contend with political office holders, Oyedepo said,
“We need prayers and Christians must be ready to
pray while not ignoring the ability and the power of
choice they have.
“We are in trouble because there are too many
people in positions of authority who don’t have
capacity to confront the issues facing us as a country.”
The church leader observed that there were many
good and competent people in Nigeria who failed to
present themselves for elections because of the fear
that the political terrain is both rough and diabolical.
He, however, said, “I think we have passed that
stage. Now, democracy has come to stay in Nigeria. It
is time for the good people to come out and
participate in the political process.”
Responding to Oyedepo’s speech, Bishop Ore
expressed appreciation for the opportunity to meet
with him.
He said, “We appreciate your leadership role in the
body of Christ and we crave your indulgence to
continue to strengthen our hands with your prayers
and support for this new administration.”

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