#BringBackOurGirls FOUR MONTHS LATER: Parents want case closed, say funeral rites already performed for abducted girls

It’s more than four months since the unfruitful
search for their abducted girls began, and now
the parents of the kidnapped Chibok school girls
have stated that they want the matter closed.
Since the girls have been missing for more than four
months, the parents said they presumed the
students to have died for which their funeral rites
have already been performed in their (parents’)
minds according to their custom.
They, however, urged the federal government bring
the girls’ corpses for honourable burial.
This position was disclosed yesterday by the
#BringOurGirls advocacy group, during its daily sit-
out meeting for the rescue of the missing school
girls at Unity Fountain, Abuja.
“All they said they want is their corpses to bury them
honourably,” the group said.
As a way of driving their demand home, the group
said it is vigorously mobilizing people on and offline
and via social media towards holding a mega protest
march in the FCT.
According to them, over 200 groups in Abuja have so
far been contacted and have given positive response
to participate, with 135 individuals on the group’s
database contacted.
While calling on federal government to double its
effort to free the girls, the meeting said only
political and military action can rescue our girls, and
that is why we do what we are doing to compel that.
The group added a new slogan
#NotWithoutOurDaughters! in response to a question
on when it will stop the campaign.

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