Sean Tizzle –Download Kilogbe (Remix) ft. Olamide & Reminisce + “The Journey” Album Tracklist

Sean Tizzle The Journey Front  1024x1024 Sean Tizzle   Kilogbe (Remix) ft. Olamide & Reminisce + The Journey Album TracklistSean Tizzle

Approximately a year since the release of his hit single “Sho Lee”; and Sean Tizzle has a studio album in the curriculum vitae. Titled “The Journey”; the afro-pop sensation’s debut album has production credited to his label boss D’Tunes and Prince Boom who featured Sean Tizzle on “Your Body” last year only as well as guest artistes like 9ice, Reminisce and Ice Prince.
The album houses previous singles like “Komole” and “Mama Eh” but strangely “Sho Lee”,”Boogie Down”. and “International Badman” are missing in action.
Our track pick from the 17 track LP is the remix of “Kilogbe” which features indigenous rappers Olamide & Reminisce and retains elements of the original track. Also check out the album tracklisting after the jump and drop your comments.

1. Perfect Gentleman
2. Baby O
3. Take It
4. Kilogbe Remix ft. Reminisce & Olamide
5. Could This Be Love
6. Loke Loke ft. 9ice
7. Komagbon
8. All The Way ft. Kcee
9. Duro
10. I Got It ft. Ice Prince & Naeto C
11. Arewa
12. Igi Orombo ft. Tiwa Savage
13. Komole
14. Mama Eh
15. Momayan
16. Kilogbe
17. Dem No Be God


Money Saving Habits That Can Backfire and Wreck Your Finances

Money Saving Habits That Can Backfire and Wreck Your Finances

We all know living beyond your means and not having an emergency fund can wreck your finances. While most money flubs are obvious, some mistakes start with good financial intentions. Here are some savings habits that can backfire and end up costing you.

Making an Unrealistically Tight Budget

Yes, most of us could probably stand to spend less. But don’t force yourself to stick to an unrealistic budget that leaves no breathing room for entertainment or indulgences. As personal finance writer J.D. Roth explains:
“The third rule of budgeting: Make plans based on your real life, not how you wish life would be. Don’t budget for possible salary increases and ideal spending habits. If you spend money on coffee every day, make that part of your budget. If you haven’t received a raise at work, don’t count that in your income. Budget for reality, not wishful thinking.”
Of course, it’s important to cut back, especially if you live above your means. But making a too-tight budget usually backfires. Eventually, your desire to spend will catch up with your desire to save. If you don’t have any guidelines established, you risk completely overspending and busting your budget.
It’s best to give yourself a little breathing room so you don’t risk blowing up later.

Buying Stuff Because It’s On Sale

Ever bought something you didn’t really need or want just because it’s on sale? Most of us have given into the allure of a good discount. Even the most frugal people make this mistake, because a good deal is tempting. But if the item you’re buying won’t get any use, there’s no point in spending money on it in the first place.
Buying in bulk is a good example of this. If you’re going to use all of the bulk item, then it’s worthwhile. But if you’ll just toss out the excess, then it has little value, and you’re throwing money away. CBS News delves into the topic a bit deeper:
“I have to think that the growth in the storage-unit industry is thanks to our culture’s obsession with excess. Today, one in 10 households rents a self-storage unit – up 65% over the last 15 years – for which they pay more than $8 per square foot. Are your bulk-buying habits leaving you crowded out of your house?”
This might be an extreme example, but the overall point is: frugality is about value, not consumption. A good discount can give you a thrifty rush, but it’s not always the best financial decision.

Keeping Too Much in Your Emergency Fund

While saving too much for an emergency won’t exactly wreck your finances, many personal finance experts agree that it doesn’t do much for you, either. For example, President of Financial Planning Services’ Larry Rosenthal told Bankrate:
“If you need $5,000 per month to live on, that’s $30,000 you’ll need to have for a six-month emergency fund. That may be too much money to put aside someplace that’s earning as little interest as you do in a savings account.”
In other words, maybe $30,000 is too much to sit on. That money could be earning more somewhere else. Bankrate suggests the option of putting four months’ savings in a conservative bond fund. Meanwhile, keep two months’ savings in a liquid account that’s accessible in case of an emergency, they say.

Hoarding Your Money and Oversaving

Saving money is wonderful when you have a goal in mind. But saving just to save can cost you your happiness. The point of financial independence is freedom, after all, and hoarding money can keep you from doing things you want. Consumerism Commentary recently wrote about the phenomenon of money hoarding:
“Putting aside the noble, selfless acts of passing our assets to charitable causes and descendants, the point of accumulating money is not to have a large bank account; the purpose of saving is to do something with the money…If your approach is causing you to miss out on aspects of life that you find important and will later regret, you may be saving too much money.”
Overall, it’s about finding a balance between making your present and future self happy. Most people end up hoarding money later in life, if they’ve accumulated a lot of it. But oversaving can be a problem, too.
Here’s a personal example: When I first decided it was time to get my finances in order, I became obsessed with saving. I paid myself first—which is great, except that I paid myself too much. I overestimated my savings and made an unrealistically tight budget for everything else. The result? I over-drafted on my checking account (my saving account was with another bank).
It was a pretty silly mistake, despite my good financial intentions.

Buying Cheap

The key to making a smart spending decision isn’t always price—it’s value. And sometimes better value means spending more. Buy a cheap pair of boots, for example, and you’ll have to keep buying boots every year or so. Buy a decent pair of boots that are a bit more expensive, and you may not have to buy boots for another decade. In fact, some frugal shoppers determine the value of clothing items by calculating “cost per wear.”
The Street explains how to stop the habit of putting price before value:
“Price is just one factor that you need to consider when making a purchase. Other important factors include how long the item will last, what type of warranties it comes with and how often it will be used. Learning to shop value rather than price will save you a lot of money in the long run.”
Of course, not everyone has the luxury of buying the more valuable pair of boots. But if you can afford the choice, it’s better to choose value.
It’s great to be enthusiastic about getting your finances in order, but watch out for good money intentions that may backfire. Overall, a steady and balanced mindset will help keep you in the right direction.

The Key to Lasting Behavioral Change: Think Goal, Not Tactic

The Key to Lasting Behavioral Change: Think Goal, Not TacticExpand
Even the most motivated people can get stuck, frustrated, and lose hope during the process of behavioral change. Why can’t you force yourself to go to the gym before work? Or get high-priority tasks done before checking email? We become so fixated on specific tactics that we lose sight of the fact that many methods could lead to achieving their larger strategic goals.
Yes, habit change takes discipline, patience, and practice. But no, it shouldn’t feel like you’re constantly trying to force yourself to do something you really don’t want to do. That’s unsustainable. To make new habits stick, they must work with the reality of who you are and what’s best for you.
To identify tactics that will actually work for you and keep your focus on your big objectives, start by determining where you’re stuck. Identify a few areas where you’ve seen little-to-no behavioral change despite your best efforts—for example, blocking out whole days for big projects or going to the gym first thing in the morning. Then zoom out to determine your real goal. Why was this activity important to you in the first place? Maybe you want to feel like you’re finishing priority tasks, or have a healthier, more physically active life.
Now brainstorm other tactics you could use to achieve those goals. If you’ve never managed to block out an entire day for your major projects, try finding two half-days instead. If you hate the gym or aren’t a morning person, don’t expect yourself to go there first thing in the morning! Instead, consider options like a bike ride after work or exercises you can do at home before bed. Identify activities that align with your natural tendencies.
You may need to try out a few different tactics until you discover when you can be most consistently effective. Test one of your hypotheses each week. For instance, you could try going for a bike ride after work for one week, and then the next week see if you can do exercises at home before bed. Observe what seems to fit most naturally with your schedule and motivation levels. Arrange your schedule in different ways and see what produces the best results. Once you’ve identified that sweet spot, guard that time from meetings and other activities.
If you need accountability, get it. Top performers embrace this reality and surround themselves with strong teammates and assertive assistants. They know that these individuals will help shore up any weaknesses and allow them to fully use their strengths. There’s no shame in surrounding yourself with people who will check in on you and ask you about the status of key projects or goals, whether that means hiring a good project manager or a motivated personal trainer.
But if there are tasks that you really struggle to do, delegate them or outsource them. It’s better to not spend willpower energy forcing yourself to do what other people can do for you. Save that effort for activities you can’t transfer to anyone else. Make a list of activities that you tend to fall behind on, such as filing expense reports, setting up meetings, or updating tracking documents. Then, see if you can find someone within your organization, an outside contractor, or a technology tool that could take these items off your list. If necessary, clear this strategy with your boss before proceeding. When it comes to chores like errands, you can do everything from ordering groceries to having shampoo delivered automatically online from Amazon. You can also hire assistant to do activities from organizing an event to picking up dry cleaning through companies like TaskRabbit or Fancy Hands.
By staying focused on the goal and experimenting with tactics, I’ve seen people who have never kept routines start to exercise consistently, make progress on priority projects, get on top of e-mail, and accomplish all sorts of other goals. Keep these principles in mind, and you can—and will—achieve lasting behavioral change. 

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8 Comics That Understand Your Disastrous Dating Life

1. Your Facebook relationship status:

Your Facebook relationship status:

2. Going on a first date with someone you’ve only chat with online.

Going on a first date with someone you've only chat with online.

3. What you worry will happen to your body on a date:

What you worry will happen to your body on a date:

4. That one time you tried a dating app:

That one time you tried a dating app:

5. What you imagine your future will be, after a bottle of wine:

What you imagine your future will be, after a bottle of wine:

6. What you suspect you’re actually doing, when you’re honest with yourself:

What you suspect you're actually doing, when you're honest with yourself:

Kevin Tang

7. You, when you’re around couples:

You, when you're around couples:

8. And that glorious moment when you finally find someone who’s weird in the same way as you:

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D’banj has made up his mind on getting married soon


Dapo Oyebanjo, popularly known as D’Banj, has expressed his readiness to walk down the aisle very soon.

Few years ago, it was reported that the energetic singer would pick a lady as wife after it was earlier rumoured that his mother kicked against his purported affair with Genevieve Nnaji, a Nollywood star.

The 34-year-old music star is no doubt a hot cake to ladies, who would be glad to be D’Banj’s wife or be called ‘Mrs. D’Banj’.

At the traditional wedding ceremony of Paul Okoye of P-Square and Anita Isama, which took place in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on Saturday, March 23, 2014, the ‘Eja Nla’ disclosed that he would now consider settling down just like Paul.

He made this disclosure while performing at the event. He hailed Paul for taking the bold step to marry his heartthrob, and revealed thereafter that he’s inspired by this, which has made him to start looking in that direction.

‘Paul has now become a married man, congratulations bro. You have now inspired me to think about marriage. I will marry soon,’ D’Banj said.

His colleagues, Banky W, Peter Okoye, Phyno, who were also at the event, hailed his decision to pick a woman as his wife.

‘I am the king of R&B in Nigeria’ – Darey Art Alade declares

Award winning artiste Darey Art Alade said in a recent interview with Encomium mag that he is the king of RnB music in Nigeria and not Banky W. When asked if he feels any competition between himself and Banky W knowing that they are both called Nigeria’s king of RnB, Darey replied;
“There is only one king of RnB. I have never heard anybody being called king of RnB except me. I have never heard anybody call him (Banky W) king of RnB except if you think he is one. But the truth is, there is only one king, and you know who the king is. If you doubt it, my new material will settle the scores. Although it has taken sometime, I am very happy the work is coming out soon” he told the magazine
Darey also spoke on the increased rate of artiste/management face off and revealed plans of acquiring a radio station. Continue to read the rest…
On artiste/management face off, Darey said;
“The truth of the matter is everybody has a role to play and they have a portion of the blame. The label invests something, I don’t want to say much. For every investment you want to make a return. This is where the artiste doesn’t understand. In the beginning, they gave you a house, a car, and you think you are talented, and come to think of it, you don’t even have anything in the market. Whatever they gave you was based on potential, the initial agreement that if I give you this, you will give me that in return. Some artistes don’t have agreement, everything is sealed at a bar. As you drink, you signed without realizing what you are signing. Some of them are illiterates, some pretend to know what the business is all about, but they don’t. Some of them get carried away by the glitz and glamour of it, signed without knowing what the agreement stipulates. When they default, they start blaming the label, saying all sorts of things. But most of us don’t find out what was the agreement before going to the press and write. On the other side, the label may have been obligated to do certain things but they did not do it and the artiste will complain. These are the issues” he said
On how to resolve these issues, Darey said;
“I think both sides should have respect for agreement. There shouldn’t be issues if both sides respect agreement they made. For instance, when I left Questionmark, nobody heard that I fought anybody till tomorrow. Yes we had disagreement, it wasn’t a rosy ending but till date they are still my friends, we work together. So maturity is needed to handle such situation”.
Darey also spoke on his plans to own a radio station
“I will love to own a radio station. I have already started making inquiries and plans on that feasibility. I am a radio person, I have worked on radio, and it was really fun. Since then I felt it is good if I can achieve this by running a radio station. After all, it will provide jobs for people, encourage creativity and improve entertainment. I don’t know the format of the station yet but let me get the license first” he said.