Fast rising singer MizGold releases new photos

Fast rising singer MizGold releases new photos

Hot new photos from former model, dancer and reggae-dancehall act, Miz Gold.

With captivating stage performance and songs most music fans would like to repeatedly, Temitope (Gold) Omolola Greenway, known as Miz. Gold in the local music scene and has cut a path for herself, gaining grounds in the country.
Miz Gold one of the promising divas in musical circles and is more than poised in making her career known to the entire populace. She is known for dancehall and R&B music.
According to her, the choice of this genre seeks to inspire love and dynamism for the music industry.
In the coming weeks, Miz Gold would be shooting a new music video on her sound track with Guru, dubbed ‘Diva’ in Nigeria.
The music video is slated to outdoor her new looks, which depicts her name Miz Gold, and would enrich her persona and confidence in the Ghanaian music industry.
Although the album Diva is not yet complete, she currently has six tracks under her sleeves – namely, Diva ft. Guru, Kokonsa, Whisper, Tinka Tinka, Take Care, and I love the way’, are all track with beautiful tunes and beats.
Information indicates that the Ghanaian artist would be airlifted to Nigeria by the end of this week to shoot the music video.
Miz Gold, who might not be that popular like Becca Efya, Iren Logan and also Sherifa but she poised in just to mention a few
Speaking in an exclusive interview with this reporter, she disclosed that her ordeal of having to deal with rumours of dating Guru was not a pleasant one, but she has moved on in life and developed thick skin to such rumors.
According to her, the next level in her music career is to launch her upcoming album with 12 music videos with 12 sound tracks on the album.
‘I am looking forward to work with more male artist in the music industry. I would love to work with male artists because they challenge you in bringing the best out of you’, Miz Gold stressed.
The female dancehall artist has cited that the year 2013 is going to be a year her fans would see a different side of her, as such they would see classy music, videos, crazy chique fashion styles, and different hair styles with wild shoes and colourful costuming.

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