Tonto Dikeh Tries To Commit Suicide

Tonto DikeTonto Dikeh tried to commit suicide a few weeks back. Unbelievable! Our Source says everything that happened on that fateful day and she really wanted to end her own life but thank God for the intervention of good friends.She shared what happened to her own instagram page but most people didn’t get what she was trying to say. Also, like Tonto said, suicide is never the solution to any problem. This is for those who are contemplating it.See the photo Tonto shared on Instagram and what she wrote below.Tonto posted this photo below on her instragram page and wrote below it..
“WokeUp happy n decided to share diz***I’ve bin here b4 n I can tell u we stronger Dan our problemz/painz/Etc**That day I realized SUICIDE iz for COWARDZ**if u’ve gat no1 to talk tolike mii I suggezt u strt wit GOD,diz shitzzzz crazy(world) but it iz Ourz dnt leave it in SHAME,ILOVEU”—Tonto Dikeh

The best is yet to come, so we don’t have to condemn ourselves. We just have to set focus. So at the End we all have a story to tell.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, We just have to limit the way we judge this celebrities.

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